Appreciation of YOU

This evening, I plan to have something new created to show y’all but for this post…I wanted to say THANK YOU. Thanks for being here, for liking what I’m doing enough to come back, for your “likes”, comments, follows and just in general reading my blog.

I definitely hope it doesn’t look as though I’m just promoting my creations. That’s definitely not it. At this moment, it just seems that creating IS my life, so that’s what I have going on every single day. These days, I’m working really hard to go full time with my art so I’m 100% full throttle on creating and following the path I feel God’s put in front of me.

With that being said, I did want to take the time to say I sure appreciate y’all being here. I realize many of you may not personally know me and vice versa…we may never meet or even speak to one another…but you matter to me. There are still wonderful, beautiful, special people in this world despite what our newsfeeds, newscasts, or news papers (READ – NEWS) says to us. It paints an awfully grim picture because it seems 99% of the time it’s the negative we see and hear…and really the majority of people are good. No matter what, I’ll always believe that. And, when we can do the right thing when the wrong thing is in front of us…well therein lies what seems to me is a lifelong test of our souls, our hearts and our minds.

Love to all of you on this beautiful Tuesday morning!! xoxoxoxo



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