Little Girls – Sparkles, Flowers and Butterflies

I realize I’m posting quite a few things these days but I have so many things to talk about it seems! Things are getting super busy so I’m thinking maybe folks are starting early shopping for Christmas this year. So many people have said they plan to and quite a few have said they’re already starting. I absolutely have to start early because being a maker of items that people like to gift, I get super busy in November and December which leaves me with two choices: stop creating things to take care of my own shopping during all that OR (and this is what I try to do) get it done early so I can spend my time helping others finish theirs up! 🙂

This little frame was so so so much fun. I was told the little girl likes pink and purple, so I decided to do a lavender frame with all kinds of flowers and butterflies…plus lots of glitter accents…even her name is glittered! The pictures never show the glitter but here’s how it turned out:


I posted this on my Facebook fan page and have gotten several potential orders off of it already, so it seems to be a popular design. Anytime something I designed becomes something others would like to have, it warms my heart! There’s something about sitting down with a blank surface, having visions in my head about what I’d like it to look like, finish it, then have others actually want it that I absolutely cannot put into words. It’s the most humbling feeling!

I did go ahead and list it in my etsy shop also…you can see it by clicking here

What a wonderful life I live, though it took a whole lot to get where I am…and I still have a far way to go 🙂



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