I’m Back!

Oh me! Time has passed so fast while I’ve been trying to get settled in my temporary apartment. Life is much slower out in the country and that comes with slower internet, too…and very costly internet! My internet bills, despite my low usage and trying to be careful with it, were skyrocketing. Thanks to some researching and lots of trial and error, I finally discovered that a few settings on my iPhone were helping to supply someone else with internet also! Well, that charity boat has docked and been dismantled now so hopefully I’ll be able to regularly post again with it continuing to cost me hundreds of dollars per month. So, please, if you are using internet through any means of which is a private internet, please don’t do it. It really is stealing and people have gone to prison for that kind of thing! While I’m not the type of person to launch an investigation to get that person in trouble (I feel karma will give it back to them), I know many who are. It’s not worth it, plus it’s just plain ole wrong. 🙂 

Ahhhh, so it’s great to be back! I have many new things I’ve been creating and honestly, the country life relaxes me so much and gives me a completely different perspective and calmness to my soul. 

My newest creation is one of jewelry. I’ve never been a person who has thought too much about creating jewelry simply because many of my good friends create original pieces and they do beautiful work! However, an art pendant is something I see as completely delightful! 

This one is a 24 inch black chain with an antiqued copper bezel featuring a hand painting of a Black Raven sitting on an old tree branch with an ominous sky and full moon behind him. There’s something about this piece that makes me happy and yet is deeply intense at the same time. I’m really pleased with how it turned out. Here he is:


For the top, I used a clear resin glass-like finish that seems to add another dimension to the  painting and pendant. I have this original piece listed here in my etsy shop. 

I’ve missed y’all!!! More posts to come soon, I’ve got lots of catching up to do! 🙂 



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