Ada’s – The Unusual Country Store

Today my work had me driving out to Selmer, Tennessee. I had to go down 45 through the Bethel Springs area. I’ve been through there a few times in the last few months and have always seen this little store called Ada’s. The sign on the front says “Ada’s The Unusual Country Store”. So, today, I finally stopped. And I’m so glad I did!



Back at the cooler section, there’s all kinds of wonderful things such as tons of different types of nuts and candy….



There are several aisles of yummy tasty candies!







Jams, Jellies, Sorghum Molasses and free coffee!



A very large selection of sugar free candies, too!



These are all kinds of soup and dip mixes!



Check out the sanding sugars and the sprinkles and cake/ice cream/candy toppings:



Pancake mix -yummy!! They had all kinds I didn’t photograph – even blueberry, which I gotta pick up next time I’m there!



All kinds of dry goods from various types of flours to cornmeal!



The sign outside boasts “20 kinds of cheese” – check these out!



These are the things I got to try today…I can hardly wait!



The milk chocolate almond bark is the only thing I’ve opened so far and it’s absolutely delightful…it has a fresh cocoa taste along with toasted almonds inside…absolutely heavenly!

If you find yourself in this area, I highly suggest going inside and spending a little time. The owners/workers in there were so nice and friendly, just like you’d expect in the South. I asked one of them if she would mind if I took some pictures while I was in there to post on my Facebook/online. They were so happy to let me do this to show y’all. Hope you can make it there, I know I’ll be back! 🙂



Snowman Love

Time is flying, it seems! December 1st is here and I’m feeling the magic of Christmas over here in Tennessee! I hope it’s the same for all of you. In the past, I know I’ve had some years that were very difficult for some reason or another…and that happens to all of us. But for each of you, I’m hoping this year finds you in a wonderful and happy place!

With thoughts of colder weather and the holidays, not to mention finally having the time to paint, I finished a new painting last night that I’m smitten with, to say the least! This is “In the Meadow”:


I have the original listed here on ebay auction: In the Meadow  Edited: this item has sold, I’ve unlinked it as it no longer shows up on ebay. Thank You!

And, the prints are listed here in my etsy shop: In the Meadow

This little rustic snow couple just worked their way out of my paintbrush, like magic…which is totally fitting for the magic of the holidays 🙂