Southern Belle Adoration…and More

So many things going on right now and I can’t seem to focus. I always follow my passion…or I try to do that. I don’t do things because they are trending. Maybe if I did, I’d be more successful lol! I seem to walk my own unbeaten country path and that’s okay by me šŸ™‚

I created several new things since I wrote last. A couple of owl pendants were something I was super excited about. I found the “dog tag” style pendants and am head over heels for them. After I made myself one, then I turned the task to making a couple to sell, to test the proverbial selling waters so to speak, as I couldn’t find anything like them available.

Here’s one of them:

You can see more photos of it and where I have it for sale by clicking here. Ā  Edited: This item has sold, thank you!Ā 

Also, I think y’all know I’m a country girl from Tennessee so I’m a lifelong Southern Belle of course! That heritage brought this painting out of me:

I’m so in love with my little Southern Belle painting. She delights me to no end. I offered her up for Christmas cards at this time. I’m not sure if I can actually part with the painting yet. We’ll see but for now, she’s listed here in a set of holiday greetings. Edited: this item has sold, but upon request for note cards, thank you cards, etc, I’ll be happy to create them for you.

And, then, another new one I just finished tonight which stemmed from my Mama’s love of red and white…and strawberries:

It’s listed on ebay in an auction and you can see it by clicking here. Edited: This item has sold and I’ve unlinked it as it no longer shows. Thank you!

I’ve completed several more things but these were ones I definitely wanted to show y’all. I’m getting a little better about figuring this limited internet usage thing out, so hopefully I’ll be able to get back to regular posting. Like anything else, there’s a learning curve. I can never seem to find the straight roads lol! šŸ™‚

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