Owl Love

I think you all know I love owls…they fascinate me and have for quite a long time. When I’m outside alone and in deep thought searching for inspiration, many times as of late I’ve heard owls. Sometimes they’re talking to each other or sometimes it’s just one that I hear. I keep thinking they’re trying to get my attention. If this was the case, they certainly did. 

This is one of my most recent owl paintings…an ACEO acrylics on Bristol: 


You can see him up for sale by clicking here. It’s always difficult to get back into selling over at ebay because you have to build up your ratings to be seen in searches because of their new “relevancy” default search. So, it’s been slow go to be noticed. Slowly I’ve begun selling some things over there again and that always makes me happy. I really need to charge more for the paintings, as some of these take hours, but I have to build up to that which I completely understand. More than anything, I love what I’m doing and couldn’t be happier. I’m thrilled with any piece that someone wants that I’ve created, no matter what price it goes for at any given time. Therein is the happiness that just gets in my soul…knowing something I did – that came out of my thoughts and vision – spoke to someone else. 

I’ll have more things to show you all very soon, including something new I’m running a test on to see how well it does in my etsy shop. Hopefully I can show this to you all in the next day or so. Until then, hope you are all well and ready for a wonderful week. Happy November! 


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