The Winner of the Giveaway!

A lovely lady named Amber won the prize pack I did the giveaway for on Saturday. She won two things – her choice of a custom ornament or mini sign, AND a $10 gift certificate for my etsy shop.

These were the items she chose, and they’ll go out tomorrow for her:


Congratulations Amber!!



Happy Cyber Monday Everyone! Today in my shop you’ll be able to get 10% off your purchase by entering the coupon code COZYNOVEMBER at checkout. This offer ends at midnight CST. And, if you enter “I saw this on your blog!” in the notes to seller while checking out, you’ll also receive a free gift with your purchase.

Click the link here to go to my shop: The Cozy Loft

Happy Cyber Monday Shopping!!! 🙂

Holiday Giveaway!!


Hey Y’all!

Because it’s the season of giving, and to celebrate a milestone of my Cozy Loft fan page already hitting 200 fans, I’m doing a giveaway!

The winner will receive a $10 gift certificate to my etsy shop AND their choice of a personalized Christmas ornament or mini holiday sign. All you have to do to get entered is leave a comment on this post…it can be something you’d like to see me paint or create…just to say hi…or something equally as wonderful 🙂


Southern Belle Giveaway!!!

Hey Y’all! Something spectacular is happening over at the Southern Belle magazine site…a wonderful Christmas giveaway! I was lucky enough to have one of my items – the Southern Belle Christmas cards – included in this most beautiful giveaway. Along with that, one of the prizes is a Spiral Christmas wreath and another is a locket and charm! All you have to do is visit their blog here and leave a comment. It costs you nothing at all. Be sure to check out the Southern Belle magazine Facebook fan page, too, because you’ll be alerted to first of all GORGEOUS things but also to other terrific giveaways. It’s a little treasure inside the world of Facebook that you’re gonna love. Just in case you want to check the Southern Belle Facebook page, you can click here. Did I mention how honored I am to be included in the magazine!?!?!?! I’m beyond thrilled!

Here’s a pic of the cards that the winner will get:


I should remind you too that I do giveaways on my Facebook fan page – one per month. EXCEPT this month and next month, you’ll see a few of those because it’s the season of giving and I oh-so-love to give!!! Good luck!

Southern Belle Adoration…and More

So many things going on right now and I can’t seem to focus. I always follow my passion…or I try to do that. I don’t do things because they are trending. Maybe if I did, I’d be more successful lol! I seem to walk my own unbeaten country path and that’s okay by me 🙂

I created several new things since I wrote last. A couple of owl pendants were something I was super excited about. I found the “dog tag” style pendants and am head over heels for them. After I made myself one, then I turned the task to making a couple to sell, to test the proverbial selling waters so to speak, as I couldn’t find anything like them available.

Here’s one of them:

You can see more photos of it and where I have it for sale by clicking here.   Edited: This item has sold, thank you! 

Also, I think y’all know I’m a country girl from Tennessee so I’m a lifelong Southern Belle of course! That heritage brought this painting out of me:

I’m so in love with my little Southern Belle painting. She delights me to no end. I offered her up for Christmas cards at this time. I’m not sure if I can actually part with the painting yet. We’ll see but for now, she’s listed here in a set of holiday greetings. Edited: this item has sold, but upon request for note cards, thank you cards, etc, I’ll be happy to create them for you.

And, then, another new one I just finished tonight which stemmed from my Mama’s love of red and white…and strawberries:

It’s listed on ebay in an auction and you can see it by clicking here. Edited: This item has sold and I’ve unlinked it as it no longer shows. Thank you!

I’ve completed several more things but these were ones I definitely wanted to show y’all. I’m getting a little better about figuring this limited internet usage thing out, so hopefully I’ll be able to get back to regular posting. Like anything else, there’s a learning curve. I can never seem to find the straight roads lol! 🙂

Owl Love

I think you all know I love owls…they fascinate me and have for quite a long time. When I’m outside alone and in deep thought searching for inspiration, many times as of late I’ve heard owls. Sometimes they’re talking to each other or sometimes it’s just one that I hear. I keep thinking they’re trying to get my attention. If this was the case, they certainly did.

This is one of my most recent owl paintings…an ACEO acrylics on Bristol:


You can see him up for sale by clicking here. It’s always difficult to get back into selling over at ebay because you have to build up your ratings to be seen in searches because of their new “relevancy” default search. So, it’s been slow go to be noticed. Slowly I’ve begun selling some things over there again and that always makes me happy. I really need to charge more for the paintings, as some of these take hours, but I have to build up to that which I completely understand. More than anything, I love what I’m doing and couldn’t be happier. I’m thrilled with any piece that someone wants that I’ve created, no matter what price it goes for at any given time. Therein is the happiness that just gets in my soul…knowing something I did – that came out of my thoughts and vision – spoke to someone else.

I’ll have more things to show you all very soon, including something new I’m running a test on to see how well it does in my etsy shop. Hopefully I can show this to you all in the next day or so. Until then, hope you are all well and ready for a wonderful week. Happy November!