Handmade Halloween Contest

Recently, in a plight of momentarily insanity, I decided to enter a Handmade Halloween Contest. No big deal right? Well, maybe not but one of the rules was the entry must be made of 75% candy!!!

The only way I could come up with an idea was to go to the store and stare at the candy, walking up and down the aisle. Armed with gummy eyeballs, candy corn, laffy taffy rolls, and peanut butter log candies, I knew exactly what I could do. An owl!!

It took hours to finish it including discovering things that didn’t work lol! In the end, this was the final creation:

I’m so incredibly excited and humbled to have won first place for “Most Creative/Inventive”, the other entries were awesome, too!!!

Here’s another view of “Spaulding the Candy Owl”:

What a fun contest – I’m so honored to have been a part of it…and to have been forced to think outside the box!

I’m working on something new that I’ve been interested in for quite some time…dictionary art. The kind of original artwork that is created on an original dictionary page. This one was a test run, just to see how the page handled the ink, what kind of style I wanted to use, etc. Here’s a sample:

This original artwork is available on etsy in my shop. You can see it by clicking here – there’s only one!

I like the idea of using graffiti type letters, especially the bubble style because those seem to be more legible. There will be more…I have a dictionary I used in High School in the 80s which gives me plenty of material to use and not only that but it’s special to me because it’s my dictionary that I’ve held on to all these years.  xoxo


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