Handmade Halloween Contest

Recently, in a plight of momentarily insanity, I decided to enter a Handmade Halloween Contest. No big deal right? Well, maybe not but one of the rules was the entry must be made of 75% candy!!!

The only way I could come up with an idea was to go to the store and stare at the candy, walking up and down the aisle. Armed with gummy eyeballs, candy corn, laffy taffy rolls, and peanut butter log candies, I knew exactly what I could do. An owl!!

It took hours to finish it including discovering things that didn’t work lol! In the end, this was the final creation:

I’m so incredibly excited and humbled to have won first place for “Most Creative/Inventive”, the other entries were awesome, too!!!

Here’s another view of “Spaulding the Candy Owl”:

What a fun contest – I’m so honored to have been a part of it…and to have been forced to think outside the box!

I’m working on something new that I’ve been interested in for quite some time…dictionary art. The kind of original artwork that is created on an original dictionary page. This one was a test run, just to see how the page handled the ink, what kind of style I wanted to use, etc. Here’s a sample:

This original artwork is available on etsy in my shop. You can see it by clicking here – there’s only one!

I like the idea of using graffiti type letters, especially the bubble style because those seem to be more legible. There will be more…I have a dictionary I used in High School in the 80s which gives me plenty of material to use and not only that but it’s special to me because it’s my dictionary that I’ve held on to all these years.  xoxo


Internet Woes

When you live out in the country, you have some challenges. Mine is internet connectivity. You see, DSL/Cable, etc internet is not available in my area. This makes things very difficult at times. I have internet through my wireless carrier, I can connect it to my laptop or desktop and with a little effort, I’m online. Just hoping I don’t get a phone call while I’m in the middle of something. Kinda a hassle!

At any rate, I’ve been gone a few days while switching cell phones and ran into snags…multiple ones LOL! Finally, I’m getting everything worked out and the new phone works with the desktop only.

I’ll have new pictures and posts very soon, but wanted to let you guys know what’s going on with my little world.

Oh! And, if you know of any other solutions (Satellite internet IS an option but is very pricey, with a long contract, is limited AND is sketchy depending upon weather), please PLEASE let me know. I’m not in the middle of nowhere, but there just aren’t enough households in this area for carriers to justify the expense for some reason. I, along with everyone else out here, am desperate for good and fast internet. 🙂


It’s hard to believe time passes as fast as it does! I know everyone says that but really, nothing could be more accurate. We eventually learn to listen to our elders…even if it’s because we become the elders at some point! This just goes to show all of us that we have to take our lives and make them count.

For each of us, that means different things. And, that is what I believe makes people so interesting. We become worth knowing when we embrace ourselves, get down to the root of who we really are. Otherwise, we are just some cookie cutter mold of everyone else we know….having the same old kinds of conversation, listening to the same old kinds of music, and the list goes on. We like what we like. We have opinions. We have LIFE. No matter what cards we’re dealt with doesn’t matter unless we let it. How we choose to handle our cards we’re dealt is the true test of life.

I’ve figured out ways to make my personal life healthy…especially as I’ve gotten older. It’s really very simple. Surrounding one’s self with the most positive people is one of the best gifts you can give your life. I’m not talking about the happy, bubbly, fake people but the ones who are real…who deal with life’s problems and make their way out of strife with grace and a positive outlook. I’m not saying discard the ones who bring you down, but keep them at arm’s length, protect yourself from the downward spiral they put you in the middle of without even meaning to do so.

When those kinds of things are in the right place in your life, you’ll be surprised at all you can accomplish.

With that being said, I’m in a snowy sorta mood as of late. My paintings reflect this. Here’s my latest, “Santa’s Country Ride”:


You can see the listing on ebay by clicking here.


Isn’t life wonderful? I love my life and love what I’m doing. It’s amazing if you take the time to do things you love…even if that’s painting a Santa and some horses. 🙂