Dreams and Reality

Last night I dreamed I had a magnet on my chin. A round ceramic cream colored circle painted with tiny roses and flowers with a magnet on the back. I admit I have some odd dreams but it’s always amazing to do dream interpretation on them to discover the meaning.

This one, from what I’ve gathered, could mean I have unrealized potential and I can bounce back from adversity. Doesn’t this go along with my latest posts? I feel incredibly in tune with myself and being able to realize where I stand, what I’m doing and where I’m going. And, that I’ve finally come far enough to see this! 🙂

Dreams fascinate me. I love having them and then seeing what they mean. A completely odd dream suddenly makes sense…even something as bizarre as walking around with a magnet on your chin can make complete sense sometimes LOL! 🙂

With my craziness now being on record, I should talk about something different. Let me just end this post on a picture of one of my newest paintings. This is an ACEO painting in acrylics on Bristol that I titled “Peace Joy and Love” (You can click here to see the listing) :



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