No Boundaries

I’m a bit rusty from being away from painting for a few months…and in working through the rust, I’m having a period of rediscovery that thrills my soul.  In a world where there are lots of artists doing lots of different things, it’s hard to be noticed. I tend to just let my art sit there waiting to be discovered…then when it is and I have a bid or a buyer on something, it’s the most intense compliment someone could ever give me.

I’ve mentioned before…art is personal. When I have a blank paper or canvas in front of me, it’s amazing to watch it transform. I go through so many different types of brushes, different paints, different strokes that I can’t even begin to explain how something just takes over. I like creating something that will speak to others in some way. There’s one very emotional painting I completed earlier this year. I had three family members pass away in a couple of months. It was a very difficult time for my family and for me. I work through emotional trauma with paint and brushes. I work through heartache with art. Through happiness. Through any emotion.

The one I mentioned before, I called it “Discharge”. Here’s a photo of it:

This one was a very recent one that I have listed on ebay (click here for the link to the listing) currently called “Cold Quiet”:

As you can see, my work varies with my life. I don’t like boundaries in creating, I like freedom. I like challenging myself, finding myself, exploring. Some of it might not end up where I envisioned…but the process is surreal 🙂


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