Path + Cottage Ornament

What a beautiful day here at the loft! I had a very rare and appreciated day off my “day job” and I think I’ve made good use of it!

I started out by sleeping in an hour or so, which was nice. Then I just let myself be lazy and felt all kinds of creativity washing over me. For several hours, I actually spent some time planning and creating, which is so therapeutic for me! It’s been a really long time since I’ve had the opportunity to create Cottage types of items. I kinda blame this on my previous attempt to purchase a house which was a vintage cottage style house…that turned out to be a disaster of a money pit and structural issues…that led me to have to move out very quickly and give up that dream….after I’d put everything I had both money-wise and energy-wise into it. I had such big dreams for it, I could see it finished. In the end, though, it wasn’t meant to be.

(photo by C.N.K credit)

Now, I’m not saying I’ve turned my back on all things cottage and rustic, because nothing could be further from the truth. Those styles are ingrained in me and they are who I am. As I was mentioning yesterday on here, it’s just a matter of figuring out a direction of which I want to go. Where my thoughts are right now, is just to always follow my heart. Life takes twists and turns that puts up on different paths or makes us stray from the one where we started. Either way, though, it’s our path. Our life. And, we need to find joy in our lives…and peace…and hope…and love.

With that in mind, I have been enjoying myself today and decided to work on a little Cottage Christmas ornament. This little oval frame received a complete transformation. I painted it a cottage white, then painted some of my pink cottage rosebuds and soft green foliage and vines around the frame. Then, I cut an oval of Cansen art paper to use inside the frame. I decided a sweet little snow lady in the center surrounding by pink was perfect for this frame. Next, I covered the frame in sparkly glitter, then sealed it all with acrylic sealer. The finishing touch was some pink and white satin ribbon so it can be hung from a tree, knob, hook or other hanger. The look of the sparkles on it? Well I just can’t capture them like I’d like with the camera but hopefully this gives you some idea:


I just got it listed in my etsy shop. You can click here to go to the listing. More to come very soon, I’m having so much fun and I hope it shows! 🙂


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