Puzzles & Sweet Memories

When at an estate sale recently, I found several treasures. Some speak to me for different reasons. Like maybe someone out there has been looking for something just like what I’ve found…so usually I’ll not only get things for myself but to list on ebay or put in my outlet booth.

This time, amongst other things, I found an old puzzle. Memories of my Granddaddy Franklin flood my heart when I think of puzzles. Growing up, my Granddaddy almost always had a puzzle in progress. I watched him for hours working on puzzles. At Christmas, we’d always give him a couple of the big ones – like the 1000 piece puzzles. We’d wrap them up in pretty festive holiday paper and put them under the tree. As soon as he’d see the size of the box, he’d get a little twinkle in his eyes. Then as soon as it’d be in his hands, he’d start shaking that package with a frenzy, laughing so hard and his eyes twinkling brighter than the stars in the sky. He LOVED putting them together. They gave him so much joy!

So, naturally, I bought the old puzzle I found at the estate sale. It’s already opened so I’ve no way to tell if all the pieces are there, as the box boasts it has “over 375 pieces” LOL! But I just thought maybe someone might get some enjoyment out of that. Even if for some reason one of his pieces were missing, he’d create one to put in it’s place so it would then be “finished”.

I deeply love my Granddaddy and remember so many things he taught me throughout the time before his passing. He was always such a deeply happy man because he was so rooted in his faith and he always knew how to make me laugh. Now that’s the kind of love we all can use! 🙂

I listed it on ebay today *click here*, along with a few other finds I’d come across. I have more but that’s about what I’d had time for today. 🙂



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