Rampant Green Foliage

Kudzu is rampant in the South. It first came to the US from Japan in 1876. They use the plant for medicine and paper. The Government actually paid farmers to plant kudzu for cattle food as well as to help with erosion on hilly areas. By 1953, this vine that was given so much hope was classified as a pest weed. And, oh what a pest it is! I’ve seen older, vacant homes literally overtaken by kudzu vines. It’s kinda bittersweet though because in a way the leafy green masses of vines are comforting to look at.

However, I sure wouldn’t want to be walking amongst it….that’s some snake-hiding stuff right there! Daddy tells me my Uncle Harold was given some when he was in high school back in the 30s. They planted it in some gullies on their farm. It went crazy!! They cut it down and cut it down, trying to stop it from overtaking everything, it just would NOT go away.  You know how they finally got rid of it? They turned out the hogs on it. That kudzu was no more, either 🙂


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