Wow it’s been …

Wow it’s been so long since I’ve been here to visit my friends and to blog. My life has been through a whirlwind of things since I’ve written last. I bought a house, started my own cleaning business, went through some heartache, and found myself in a new relationship. And, that’s the extremely condensed version.

Fast forward to know and I’m happy to say I’ve picked up my paintbrush again. All things seem to get me back there and being able to paint and create makes me feel different from anything else. It allows me to decompress.

With that being said, I have A LOT to make up for since I’ve been gone so long. In honor of that (and to push and challenge myself), I’m going to make a blog post here every day for 37 days beginning today. This will go through the rest of this month and all of April. I almost did it for 30 days but starting on April Fool’s Day just seemed wrong LOL so here we go.

My focus lately has seemed to be owls. I’ve always been drawn to them and even created a shop on etsy called “theowlbarn” a few years ago. Sadly, I’ve been away from it for a good while now but have been listing a few things here and there in it as I complete new goodies.

This post will catch you all up to today, by just checking out my shop:
The Owl Barn

I’ll see you again tomorrow and I hope you’ve all been well during my absence….




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