Cabin Peace

I find that the more “stuff” that is around me, the more bogged down I feel. When I thought I was moving across country back in September, I rid myself of all kinds of things. I’m sure the local charity here thought there was some sort of craziness going on because of all the things I took up there. Really, that made me feel good to give those things for a good cause and let’s face it, I didn’t need them anyway. So, I got rid of tons of things and put a heck of a lot of stuff in storage. To this day, I’m living with minimal things in my apartment. And I love it. I didn’t realize how uncluttered this made my life. It simplified it in ways I’d never expected.

With painting, it’s like it opened my mind and my eyes, decluttered my mind and released some inhibitions within me. I’m enjoying myself more than ever before and I’m letting myself do things I’ve never done before. And, it’s beautiful. I suppose it’s an exploration of “me”…who I am and what makes me tick. When your life has always been about making someone else happy (by your own fault, no one else’s), there has to be some sort of big thing that happens in your life to push you forward. For me, that was actually several things. Some of which I wish to forget and some of which I wish to treasure for a lifetime.

One of the things I’ve always wanted but never let myself believe too much that I might be able to have is a little cabin. A simple but cozy place tucked away somewhere beautiful. Though I can imagine all seasons in this little haven, I especially think of Christmas there. Quiet, peaceful, the glow of the Christmas lights on the roof through the snow, the Christmas tree shining through the open large window, a toasty cuddly fire in the fireplace, decorations everywhere the eye can see (but not in a cluttery sort of way but in a tasteful and traditional sort of way), a large wreath on the door, pretty packages and stockings all around, and smells of the holidays in cinnamon, cedar, mulberry… That, to me, is the most beautiful image in the world…except maybe a happy and loving couple to place inside there within all that warmth…a cocoon enveloping all the love and hope and peace in this world…

So that is the inspiration for this piece. The one you see above. There’s so much peace in it, thus the name “Peace”. Much love and blessings to you as we approach the holiday season.




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