Outside My Comfort Zone

In my life, I admit that I am an adventurous person. I like to try new things, step outside my comfort zone if you will. My art is no different.

For a while I’ve had a wonderfully large set of Prismacolor Pencils. I dabbled around with them some, though nothing too serious. The past few days, I’ve really worked with them more and have some exciting new pieces coming up.

The picture above is my first one and they should continue to improve from there. I titled her Hypnotic. I love the way her hair turned out and I was oh-so-pleased with it. Though I’m not as happy with the rest of her, I am still overall satisfied with the end result.  I love her mystery and wonder what thoughts are in her head…her eyes are a little bloodshot and with the iris being red…hmmmm…the stories she could tell!



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