Low Budget Bronzing

I’m all about some good deals, but only if those deals are actually useful and still have a good quality to them. Alot of us girls out here try different make-up and products, so it’s good to hear from our friends as to what works and what doesn’t work.

Recently, I picked up a powder bronzer by L.A. Colors. Before trying this one, I was using Wet and Wild’s surprisingly good quality bronzer. Since I used it all up and went to replenish it, I discovered they no longer make the one like I had. I took this opportunity to try a new one. Here’s a pic of what it looks like in the package:

The included brush is not a good quality and I use one of my own professional brushes for application. Also, be warned the compact packaging is not desirable as far as the stiffness in opening and closing the bronzer. However, the actual product is very good. Especially for the price. I snagged this for $1.50 at the local Dollar General store, so at this cost, everyone could have a little bronzer. As for me, I use it all year round for contouring and little extra glow. Happy Bronzing!! 🙂


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