Paolo Paolo Paolo

We made it back from our little excursion to see the Paolo Nutini concert in Nashville last night and oh my! This was at a club scene at a place called The Cannery, which is part of the Mercy Lounge. So much fun and such a great show!! Here’s a few pics I wanted to share:



Paolo even did an encore!

Here’s where we stayed in Nashville:


We really, really needed this little mini-vacation and some fun. Of course, it’s back to work tomorrow and I’m a bit hoarse from all the screaming I did at the concert, but hey…it’s all good!! 🙂


Sandra is Back!


One of my all time favorite actresses and one of my favorite new actors star in this wonderful romantic comedy called “The Proposal”.

We went this movie yesterday afternoon and it was so cute! I just love a good chick flick!