Roses and a Heart

Finally! I was able to finish a new little pretty for my shop. Seems like I started my new job in April that I’ve been MIA with so many things I dearly love. Alas, I did get a chance to complete something…

I’ve forever loved pretty little storage containers. From jars to boxes, there are so many cute ways to store things that we love. This little heart shaped box was such a joy to create. I actually started working on it a while ago and have worked on it occasionally for a couple months. Here it is:



I’m so happy with this little box and there’s so many possibilites with it. It’s so much better than a plain little storage box to me. Plus, it’s a sweet baby pink – what could be better??

I listed this cutie in my etsy shop “The Cozy Loft“. Just click here to go to the listing where there are a few more pics to see.

Happy Sunday!!

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