Green for Now


That’s a photo of our Roma Tomato plant as of the weekend before last. There’s no way you can see all the blooms and tomatoes on this one plant. It’s absolute madness!!!

A close up of some of them:


Again, that’s one plant with dozens of tomatoes and dozens more blooms… Did I mention we have like 2 full rows of tomatoes????? LOL!


3 thoughts on “Green for Now

  1. Wow! That is one tomato plant???? You must use Miracle Grow on those tomatoes, rofl. Well as I said, you do have a green thumb. Those things are huge! Enjoy your fresh veggies. I love Roma tomatoes to and that’s what I am also growing this year.

  2. Dear Ms. R…

    I love anything made from tomatoes…but not tomatoes. Am I weird? *wink*

    xooxo to you sweet friend.


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