Lettuce Broccoli Carrots Oh My!

Lately, my life has been a whirlwind of work, gardening, spending time together and then we run out of time. Where does it all go so quickly? Especially the weekends – they are gone in the blink of an eye and then good ole Monday rolls around again.

This weekend, we worked in our garden, doing some much needed weeding and a little bit of harvesting. We had a large strawberry ready on our one strawberry plant. I should say the reason we only have one plant is that we bought it at a little country seed store here where we live and when we went back for more, they were sold out. We couldn’t find more of this same variety so we are going to be patient and hold out until next year and purchase more of this same variety so we know we love them! That one strawberry we did have was better than having a dozen so-so strawberries though. It was the best flavor and texture! Soooooo good!

We have also harvested an onion and a carrot just to see if they were ready. Lettuce and greens are ready like crazy and we’ve even shared some of our harvest with friends and family. That’s always nice when someone does that for us and now that we are gardening, we are happy to return the favor.

Back to the carrot for a sec…I had read online they are ready to harvest after 60-80 days. Realizing it had been 80 days, we harvested one which ended up being really small, so they have more time to go before they are ready. Still, we are definitely having it on our salads tonight. Here’s the carrot in the middle of our harvest:


And a close up of our Bibb Lettuce, really dark in color and so tasty:


And here’s some of the Black Seeded Simpson lettuce:


Our broccoli that we started indoors from seed is really starting to show some excitement. Check this out:


How exciting is all this? We weren’t sure how things would grow here since this is our first attempt. So far, so good. This year is sort of a work in progress and hopefully we’ll learn some things that will help us in our next garden next year 🙂

All I know is this…I love love love eating lettuce from our garden. I really want to do whatever it takes to have it year round. There are ways to grow lettuce indoors during cold months. We just have to figure out a good place as well as what we’ll need and we just might do it…


2 thoughts on “Lettuce Broccoli Carrots Oh My!

  1. missknits says:

    wow how fun is all this!!! i love seeing the progress! makes me wish i had a yard! thought about doing like herbs though, since those can be done in pots. but to have fresh veggies! yum!


  2. LVS says:

    Oh my goodness! Look at those garden yummies. You certainly do have a green thumb. Your veggies are awesome my dear friend. Congrats on your crop! 😀


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