Rubbermaid Garden?

We have planted potatoes for the first time ever this year. When researching, we discovered that a great idea is plant potatoes in a rubbermaid storage container. It’s supposedly a great way to keep pests away from them since they are not in the ground. We took an old container we had and drilled a few holes in the bottom and lower sides to allow drainage. We planted two seed potatoes (Russet White) inside it last month and look at this photo we took on April 26th:


And another look at them, taken today:


I can hardly wait to pour that dirt out of that container and harvest all those delicious potatoes!! Or at least the hope of all those delicious potatoes in there!!


One thought on “Rubbermaid Garden?

  1. meldewdesigns says:

    That’s incredible!! I have never heard of planting in a rubbermaid container, but it totally makes sense. You’ve obviously been nursing them well!! 🙂


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