Berries – Yummy!

We had the first fruit of our labor yesterday! HOW EXCITING!! We ate our first strawberry from our Cardinal Strawberry plant. Oh why oh why didn’t I take a picture of it for you to see? I did take one a few days ago, though and you can see that here:


It is the one on the right. That photo was taken several days ago, so imagine it the most beautiful red color ever and so very, very good. I brought it in and washed it, then cut it in half so we could both share in our very first edible from our garden.

This particular strawberry plant, at the time of this photo:


had 14 berries on it! Well, now that we have eaten one, it has 13 currently.

Amazing, isn’t it? How nice it will be to feel a little hungry and then be able to walk outside to our back yard and gather some things to eat. I am so loving this and highly recommend it to everyone!


5 thoughts on “Berries – Yummy!

  1. Leslie says:

    Yummy!!! fresh strawberries!! I ate some strawberries yesterday & i was thinking how good a fresh one would be. I*m so glad to be back too, I*ve missed my net so much but i wanted to take a little time to clear my noggin. I hope you*ve been well. Your etsy shop is doing great! Congrats.


  2. Amy says:

    A girl after my own heart! I love how you know the number of strawberries you have growing! I am the same way with my garden!


  3. Spencer says:

    Oh, you lucky, lucky girl! It’s still freezing here……brrrrrr…..! I have my annuals on a plastic tablecloth on my kitchen table. I’m still staying with my daughter, so they’re safe there for now!

    Thank you soooo very much for your concern and prayers for my girl. She’s feeling soooo much better. Boy, she sure got bruised up……you wouldn’t think a surgery on her knee would leave her calves all bruised…… that calves or calfs??? 🙂 SKOOL was a lonnnnnnnnng time ago…I can’t remember these things. I attribute it to my brain being realllly full of other useless information!

    Blessings and hugs!


  4. Rhonda says:

    Ya’ll are so sweet! Thanks Leslie! I am so very happy to see you are back and I hope things are going well for you, too!

    Amy – I’ve been counting blooms on everything, I do believe. There are 3 more that will be ready to pick tomorrow – I can hardly wait!! (Am I boring or what??? LOL)

    MK – Oh wow! Let’s see…we are growing carrots, onions, lettuce (3 varieties), black eyed peas, pole beans, peanuts, tomatoes (3 varieties), broccoli, okra, corn (2 varieties), potatoes, mustard greens, sunflower seeds, and the strawberries. Have we gone crazy or what? This is so much fun, though!

    Spencer – That is AWESOME news my friend! You have it perfectly – calves. I’m sure the brusing is normal, depending upon what they had to do when they got in there. I agree that it sounds crazy down that far. I’m certainly happy that our prayers have been answered. I truly hope she continues on the upswing 🙂

    Thanks to all of you for coming by. I certainly love to hear from all of you! 🙂


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