Drama! Giveaway!

I have been really into sharing my make-up and skincare with you guys lately! There are things I take by spells…like I suppose I needed a change with my skin care and make-up regimen as it seems I have definitely been doing that lately.

This month, I discovered elf or E.L.F. AKA Eyes, Lips, Face. All kinds of goodies can be had from there and some are priced at $1 – yes $1!! You can go crazy over there like I did. I made a HUGE haul.  Check this out:


There are so many goodies in my haul: Eye Make-Up Remover Pads, a Concealer, 2 Lipsticks, a Cream Eyeshadow Duo, 3 Nail Polishes, a Clear Lash and Brow Mascara, an Eyebrow Duo Lifter and Filler Pencil, a Tinted Moisturizer, a Bronzing Powder and 2 Drama Eye Shadows. YEAH!! Don’t you just love it when the mail comes??

I had deliberated on whether or not to get the Drama Eye Shadow and evidently I accidentally decided that I would do it – twice! So I ended up with two of them.


That leads me to this post….a giveaway!! Someone will win the ELF eye shadow in #2007 Drama. It boasts that it is light reflecting, crease resistant and long wearing. Having just discovered ELF, I have no idea if it really does all it promises but this is a great product to try. After all, a sexy smoky eye is definitely gorgeous!


So, to enter to win this lovely eyeshadow (plus a little surprise), simply leave a comment here with your very favorite make-up or skin care product. Winner will be chosen by random number generator on Saturday, April 18th.

I can’t wait to see what your favorites are!!


13 thoughts on “Drama! Giveaway!

  1. missknits says:

    ooo i love elf! i discovered them a few years ago! they are great for eye makeup, nails and lips! but i found their blush/powder and foundation just didnt cut it on my dry skin. But i totally stock up on their eye stuff all the time cause i mean who can beat a buck!! even all their brushes are only a buck! fun fun!

    so my favorite – my mom and i both decided to try it out at the same time – is the minerals makeup! a bit expensive, so i cant really afford it, but i do splurge for the foundation powder. cause its totally the only thing that doesnt look caked on and dry on my skin, since i am so dry already! and i have learned truly a little goes a long way!


  2. Kim says:

    Hey Coooozzzzyyyyy I use to buy just about what ever caught my eye in the store but recently got into mineral makeup. My new fav would be minerals makeup. :0)

    Take care and your momma too. :0)



  3. Valerie says:

    Where do you buy the ELF products?

    I only use ID Bare Minerals because it is endorsed by the Skin Cancer Foundation. For skin care, I only only only use Dermalogica. Love it!


  4. Barbara M says:

    As a former Avon Lady (3 different times), my favorite skin-care product is definitely their ANEW. It works wonders!
    I have used it since it came out and look at least 10 years younger than my real age!


  5. Mel says:

    I don’t really like to wear much make-up, but when I do, I like it to be quick, easy, and LOW maintenance!

    For lips, I use a swipe of my Bubbly Sensations Fresh Lime chap stick and then a coat of Loreal Colour Juice lip gloss. The result? Rosy, non-chapped lips with a touch of gloss! 🙂
    My blush is also Loreal (True Match) and it’s so cute because the bottom flips open to reveal a little mirror AND a brush!

    Lastly, I love eye shadow from Rimmel London. I buy the little quad eye shadows which are great because I can try blending color differently for different looks!

    Well, as one of the longest comments, I don’t sound very low maintenance, but I am – promise!! LOL


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