Repurposed With a Purpose

Realizing I’ve been sort of neglecting my “The Cozy Loft” shop since I have been working on my new owl barn shop, I have been taking some time here and there to create some new pretties for my pretty and pink shop.

One of the things that we have been working so hard to improve upon is going green and being much more mindful of the trash we contribute to our landfills.  An item that I have started repurposing are glass jars that various foods come in – like jellies, sauces, spices and even our chicken bullion! You should expect to see lots more of these in my shop, as I have  big plans for them!

Here’s my first repurposed jar to offer in my shop and I just listed it mere moments ago (click here to go to the listing):


I was really excited to do this and have even found myself looking for glass instead of plastic because of the reuses for it. So many things could be stored in here and with the clear portions, you can see what’s inside at a glance.

Happy Friday! (Can a Friday the 13th be a happy Friday? I think it has to be!)


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