Stopping and Thinking


This morning, I was bundling up to go to the mailbox in the freezing rain and sleet and I had one of those crystallizing moments. You know the ones that stop you dead in your tracks? I realized how very lucky I am.

I grew up with the best family in the world. My parents are the epitomy of love. They would give me everything they had, if I needed it. I am incredibly thankful to them and my life is so blessed to have been born to these loving people! My brother is always there if I need him, always caring, so funny and a true friend!

I have several very good, special wonderful friends in my life whom I’m also very thankful for, including the brilliant and talented ladies whom I have met on the world wide web. Lovely ladies who inspire, encourage, care and share. Your comments to me on this blog and in emails and private conversations are not unappreciated – I love them each and every one. Thank you wonderful friends – you are appreciated more than you could ever, ever know.

What brought it all on? Yesterday, I made scones (using this recipe I blogged about before, sans the egg/milk topping and the raisins) and thought about having one this morning. I imagined I would heat it just a tad and use a little butter on it. Then I had the moment – the world stood still just briefly while I took it all in. The warmth, the happiness…of everything in my life.

Who knew a scone could do all that?


3 thoughts on “Stopping and Thinking

  1. LVS says:

    Girl friend, I would say indeed you are blessed. You are appreciated also and add a bright spot to those days when life isn’t as rosey as I would like. Tomorrow I think I will have to try one of those scones and see if I have one of those “moments.” 😀 (((Hugs)))


  2. Vol says:

    What a wonderful and beautiful thing to share your lovely thoughts with us!! YOU are the true friend that we are all blessed to have in our lives. 🙂
    I am thankful to have found you and wonderful friendship!!
    YOU have been there for me each and everyday in more ways than I could ever imagine. I love your sense of joy, honesty, truth and friendship. Not often do you come across people who have a heart as BIG as yours. luv ya, gf!! double xoxoxo 🙂


  3. meldewdesigns says:

    I stop and think of you often too, my dear sweet friend. You have touched my life in so many more ways than you even know. Sometimes I think that some of my online friends mean more to me that my local friends. You definitely fit into that mold.

    Love you, Rhonda – my sweet WWVS!! 🙂


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