An Exciting Discovery


For some reason I’ve been having a sudden outbreak of pimples. Ugh! I know that’s really not a fun thing to write a blog post about (or read one about for that matter!) but it will get better I promise!

Since I thought of all the different products available for breakouts, I decided to do a little internet research and discovered Clean & Clear’s Persa Gel 10. Let me tell you, there were great reviews on this product as spot treatment. So, I decided to go and pick some up. First, I happened to think about a coupon and went to their website which is and registered for their site to get a $2 coupon off ANY Clean & Clear product (excluding trial size)!

Then, imagine my surprise to find there was a bonus with the product! A cute little Morning Burst facial cleanser. It looked like this:


This product was $5.58 before tax at our local Wal-Mart. And it came with the bonus cleanser. And I had a $2 coupon. But, the best part? IT WORKS!! SCORE!!


Thank You + Garden Beginnings

Thank you all so very much for the wonderfully kind comments and private emails. My heart is touched by your concern and your prayers for my mother.  I’ve shed many a tear by your words – overwhelmingly happy tears. She’s doing ok so far and really just waiting for her appointments. In the meantime, she has a positive outlook and is in really good spirits. Her first visit regarding her back is coming up soon. I’ll keep you posted and thank you so much my dear and wonderful friends.

Before all of the issues with Mama’s health came to be, we had been working diligently on our very first garden. Last weekend, he tilled the area (and ended up with some horrible blisters!) and I had taken some pictures of the before and after.

Here’s the area in our back yard before:


and after:


I’m not sure if this looks large to you or not but this garden has 19 rows! Already planted in it are onions, potatoes, carrots, broccoli, lettuce, and pole beans (green beans).  Still to be planted are cucumbers, corn, peanuts, peas, tomatoes and okra. WHEW!

Plus we have this little second garden:


Inside this are strawberries and I think I’ll also have some herbs there. It’s just off our patio so things would be easy to harvest from there.

We can hardly wait not only to grow things but to share them with our neighbors, friends and family. I can’t wait until I want a salad and I just go to the back yard to make one!

Prayer Request

My dear friends and family who read my blog:

Please, please pray for my Mama. For over 20 years she’s had some very serious health troubles. She had a follow up visit to her doctor today and has learned that she will have to have two different visits to specialists. One is regarding her back. She has a vertebrae that is dangerously close to entering her spinal cord. If this happens, she will become paralyzed.

The other is her heart. She’s had two heart attacks in the past. There’s plaque buildup in her arteries and she must undergo a heart cath. Pretty routine usually, except for the fact that she was born with small arteries. Her regular Cardiologist has done this before to her but is sending her to a larger city to a specialist because he fears they may collapse. This specialist is supposed to be someone who can take care of her if they do collapse.

These are two very serious, frighteningly scary procedures she’s facing next month.

Please keep her in your prayers. I’m so thankful to have all of you out there to help me with this. I am truly worried. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

What’s In An Egg?

I just had to come and do a quick post to show you my newest painting that I’ve had in progress for a few weeks. It’s in my shop now. (Click here to go straight to the listing.)

Here’s the final product:


And, guess what? I remembered to take a during picture a few days ago:


What a Way to Wake Up!


It’s always such an honor to make a friend through my blog. I have actually made several and am so proud to have discovered them. They have allowed me to become a part of their lives and the reverse is true too!

Today, I woke up and groggily stumbled to the computer to check my emails which is generally the first thing I do in the mornings. Imagine my surprise to find myself in not one, but two wonderful blog features!

I would love to share these with you and hope that you’ll visit if you can. Here are the addresses:

Thank you Lynseyand Tran for these awesome features. I am so very touched! 🙂