Chocolate Granola and I Won??


Ok…how yummy does that chocolate granola look??? I made that lovely concoction of coconut, almonds, oats and chocolate chips (a few other goodies) thanks to a super lady and her oh so wonderful blog called “Food Loves Writing”. Click here to see it for yourself. And, click here to go directly to the oh-so-tasty recipe for the granola you see above. Soooo good!

I entered a little contest Shannalee had on her most wonderful blog and guess what?? I won!!! I was so shocked and just wait til you see! Check it out:


There’s a great book entitled “The Ungarnished Truth” by Ellie Matthews. I can hardly wait to read it! In the prize pack was also a RuMe bag that’s so deceptive in size. While it looks tiny, it opens to be quite sizeable. Love it! And, sweetheart that she is, Shannalee also included the cutest card that I thought fit her blog and her so well. Perfection! 

Just be sure to bookmark her blog because it’s definitely worth checking out over and over. Plus with cool giveaways like this, you know you want to be “in the know!” Shannalee ROCKS!! Thanks Shannalee!


4 thoughts on “Chocolate Granola and I Won??

  1. Shannalee says:

    You are so sweet, Rhonda. Not only do you read my blog, and you entered the contest, BUT ALSO – you let me know when you got the package and did a post on it. Thanks so much!


  2. Rebecca says:

    Good Morning, Sweet Rhonda! Thanks for visiting my friend. I LOVED reading about your new projects AND that CHOCO Granola! OMG! Would love to read that book, too!

    About the Train Cases…OMGOSH! For those who haven’t refurbished one from beginning to end they are in for a ride. The most time consuming thing of everything I do. I love to make them but RARELY do one just to “sell” anymore. If it’s not a special order I almsot can’t will myself to make one. Soooo many hours upon hours of work and the cost can be BIG, too! $$$$

    Blessings to you talented friend. I love to visit.

    Hugs, Reb


  3. Mel says:

    Thanks for turning me on to this blog!! I am cooking-challenged, so this is a great site for me to check out for great recipes (in addition to yours, of course)!!


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