Owls and Fun!

My new owl shop is going just great! It seems there are lots of us owl lovers out there and I’m seriously, seriously having so much fun with them! You wouldn’t believe all the notes I’ve taken (both written and in my head!!) about things I want to do and want to figure out how to do…

I have just listed another owl painting, for the purple lovers out there:


Just yesterday I finished a couple other fun fellas. This one is a fun scrabble tile pendant:


and an ACEO painting “Bloom” with the words “Bloom Where You Are Planted”:


Oh the bliss of it all! I’m honestly giddy with excitement and can barely do anything else except think, dream, and live owls these days!! So much fun!


One thought on “Owls and Fun!

  1. LVS says:

    I just adore you little owlies, as you know. I think I am your number 1 owl fan!!!! They are all just so super sweet, but love “bloom where you are planted.” xo’s


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