A Change of Heart


I guess it had been a couple years since we had eaten at a Quizno’s restaurant. Honestly I hated it! I think I ordered a Ham Sammy and had some sort of soup – maybe potato or broccoli?  He felt the same way. I remember thinking I had no reason to ever eat there again. And, we wouldn’t have. Except…he is wonderful about finding great things for us to try and he was lucky enough to get us each signed up for a free sub in a million sub giveaway with Quizno’s. (I guess we broke our challenge today of eating out only once in month unless it doesn’t count if it was free?) I never thought of getting a free lunch, but needless to say, we jumped on it!

I’m sorry to say that the 1 million Quizno’s subway giveaway is over and all million sub coupons were given out within a matter of like 3 days, I think?  I wish I would have come here to announce that to all my friends but it really didn’t even enter my mind. Mainly because I had such a bad experience with them in the past. Now, I regret that decision.

When we went there today (Store number 4231 on Vann Drive in Jackson, TN, which incidentally is NOT the one we ate at in the past), I ordered the small ham and swiss sub on wheat. I need to get on another subject for just a second here to explain something:  I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned my odd eating habits publicly on this blog but I have never liked the following things: mayo, mustard, ketchup, salad dressing, white milk (chocolate, yes), lasagna, chili, vegetable soup with a tomato base, raw onions, pickles, olives, tomatoes, coffee, and I’m sure there’s more. You are probably thinking, right….so you surely have milk with cereal? Nope. I eat it dry. Always. You are probably also thinking that I have some sort of dressing on my salad? Nope. I eat it dry too.  Sandwiches? Plain. The looks I have gotten in restaurants ordering a dry salad or a plain burger…not pretty. The meals I have barely squeaked through so as not to hurt the host/hostess’ feelings. Oh my. It’s a horrible way to be. I WISH I liked all those things. I have tried, honestly tried. Lasagna looks interesting to me. I love the smell of Chili.  The only exception to my oddities is pizza. I L-O-V-E pizza, but ALWAYS order it lite sauce, and have to say “light sauce, almost no sauce” to them and sometimes they get it right. Ok…now you think I’m so strange that you’ll never come back to my blog again, but hopefully I haven’t lost you…

Back to Quizno’s…So, I ordered my sandwich with no mayo or tomatoes (it comes with tomatoes, lettuce and mayo).  Let me tell you, either they have changed their sandwiches or my tastes have significantly changed in a couple years. This sandwich was AWESOME!! I love the herbs they use – my mouth was having a party today while munching my oh-so-delicious free sandwich!!

Quizno’s – you have some new faithful customers thanks to your million sub giveaway…and we’re telling everyone we know about you! We heart you and will most definitely be back! 😀


One thought on “A Change of Heart

  1. missknits says:

    hahaa omgosh you are not odd at all! at least not to me! i am soooo the same. i call it a consistency issue. I dont do condiments of any kind! cant for the life of me ever drink milk or any liquid that is thicker than water – something so wrong about it! even my ice cream has to be rock solid hard. sandwiches dry, salads dry, i dont like a lot of broth/soupy stuff either. i do eat lasagna though and like red sauces. but white sauces i cant do, i just cant bring myself to it! lol isnt that funny!


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