Valentine’s Day

I just realized I hadn’t shared our Valentine’s Day with my dear blog friends! For the special love day, I made some cupcakes for me and my honey. Yellow cupcakes with made from scratch buttercream icing. Here’s one of them that I had ready for him when he came in from work on Friday, complete with a little print of one of my original paintings:


He brought me some lovely Chocolates and we shared a nice meal at my favorite local Chinese restaurant. It was such a lovely day.  Thank you!

So far, so good with our dining out challenge for this month. Remember the challenge to eat out only once for the entire month? Click here if you need a refresher. It’s working so far! We’ve only been out once and that was Valentine’s Day. Wonder if we can keep it up for the rest of the month? It’s only about 8 more days – I think we can make it!!

Don’t forget! It’s the last day to get an entry in for the Girl’s Guide to Absolutely Everything book that I’ll be giving away!! Click here to leave a comment and enter. I’ll give you until 8:30 pm Central time to enter!! Hurry Hurry!


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