Starting a Garden

In light of our newly adopted cottage style of living, you may remember (if you have been reading my blog for several months) that we reinstalled our clothesline this past summer. We used it a little bit until the line broke and just had not restrung the line until last summer. I’m thrilled at how that has turned out though we haven’t been able to use it through the winter. (I can hardly wait until spring!)

We are doing something else, as well. The past couple years, we have attempted to have a garden. I say attempted because we had very little out there and what we did have was not properly cared for. While we did harvest a few tomatoes, that was pretty much it.

This year, we’ve gone all out. Or, at least in our plans we have! We have bought several packets of seeds. Some have been 20 cents, some $1 and some $2. The last day of January, I planted some chives. Guess what? They are starting to come up already!! I’m so excited!

Then, on 2/3 we planted onions and carrots and on 2/9 we planted a couple tomato plants. We have little onions and carrots coming up already, also!!

Ok, now those of you who have been gardening longer than us please don’t laugh at our attempts. I hope we aren’t being too terribly silly but we are so excited. I imagine I have looked in those little pots at least a dozen times today!! Seriously!

Now, you will probably really laugh because here’s some little photos I thought I’d share…

The carrots:




Chives (I think this is 3 plants, though it could be 2….):


All we did was purchase a bag of potting soil and a few packages of seeds. By the way, we do have more seeds but it is too early to start them right now. We have been saving 2 liter coke bottles, plastic bowls and containers. This makes me happier still because that means they just don’t get tossed…they actually are being used and we aren’t paying additional money to purchase pots. It’s definitely a win-win situation!

Anyone else gardening this year? If so, have you started yet?


2 thoughts on “Starting a Garden

  1. amy says:

    Yes I am gardening this year, but haven’t planted yet. That is on my list though. I showed my before and after garden bed on my blog. It still could used some work and turning in compost. I have to wait until mid to end of Feb. so I don’t have to deal with frost and covering plants, etc.

    I get excited, too when my sprouts come up and HATE thinning them! 😦 I love each and every one! lol


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