Tile Grouted – Check!

Here’s the latest post of the to-do list for our kitchen remodel, with lines through the completed items:

  1. Paint the Exterior door on the interior side.
  2. Install a Security door.
  3. Caulk all trim.
  4. Install Wood Blinds on the exterior door to match the window.
  5. Locate and/or make window treatments for two windows.
  6. Finish trimming out microwave cubby.
  7. Install vapor barrier above the dishwasher.
  8. Install new flooring for the kitchen/laundry room areas.
  9. Install baseboards.
  10. Install quarter round.
  11. Install backsplash.
  12. Build out last pantry shelf to be even with the door.
  13. Add a magnetic closure to the pantry door.
  14. Trim out open cabinetry.
  15. The fun part….accessorize!!

Not too bad! I just crossed out a big one which was install backsplash…the subway tile is up (it’s been up for a while) and is now grouted and completely dry!! Another big one to check off the list. Here’s a close-up of it but for some reason I always end up taking pictures at night, which makes it look like strange colors, but imagine this bright white:


Another thing off the list, wow! Most of these things will be waiting until warmer weather, so I’m content with doing a little at a time. However, it is certainly nice when something is marked off that list…


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