Shop Update Tomorrow

Yes! I made a decision. 😀 I’m going to try doing shop updates rather than listing everything as I go. It will cut down my computer time and make it a bit easier for me, too. I think I’ll like this. I’m going to **try** to do an update once per week and see how this goes.

I have one painting ready for the update and I just finished it this morning. It’s titled “Special Delivery” and I am always frustrated by how my pictures turn out because my paintings look so much better in person. They lose so much in a scan. The print of this particular painting will be able to be personalized and I’m really excited about that. Here’s one:


and another option:


This is a 4×6 size so it will fit readily available frames. I’m really tickled with these. I’ve already printed one of these out for our own home. Here it is all framed and everything:


I’m loving this print and so tickled that I’m able to personalize it. Check the cozy loft shop tomorrow and I’ll have it available along with a few other things. Happy Thursday!


One thought on “Shop Update Tomorrow

  1. LV's Beads n Things says:

    As with all of your other “happy” paintings, this one is really adorable. I love the title, Special Delivery! And the little red bird is too cute! I wouldn’t be too frustrated by how you think the photographs turned out. I think it looks just fabulous!!!!!! Like me, I think you are your own worst critic, lol. Put those fears to rest, my sweet friend. This one WILL sell!


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