Organizing Skillets/Frying Pans

This is one of our cabinets.


I wanted it conveniently located near the stove for easy access to skillets and lids. Perfect placement!

The cabinet ended up being a tad smaller than the width of our largest skillet, though, and had to be turned sideways just about an inch in order to remove it from the cabinet. PLUS the skillets were stacked and if I wanted that larger bottom one, I had to lift the others high enough to pick the bottom one up and turn it about an inch to get it through the door…well you get the picture. Not too terrible, but not ideal, especially for a new cabinet.  This is what that looked like:


You can probably tell that’s it’s pretty organized already, but could be lots better.

Then, we found little beautiful silver organizing rack at Lowes. Now look at this transformation:


Now, this particular rack had been advertised as a pan rack for cookie sheets and pizza pans, etc. We checked it before buying and the dimensions were perfect to fit our skillets and fit the cabinet. It works out just perfectly to hold four skillets/frying pans. There was space beside of it to put our heavy cast iron griddle. I had bought some 3M hooks last year for another project and one of those was perfect to hold our smallest skillet/pan on the door. Now everything is super easy access. The next thing is the lids above them. That’s what we want to figure out next…


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