New Project

During last year’s tag sales, antiquing and estate sales, I found a wood cabinet that has what I’ve seen referred to as “good bones”. It’s a solid and sturdy wood and has a metal mesh on either opening of the cabinet doors. It was in need of some TLC and some fresh paint. I was happy to oblige!

Here’s the project piece:


This will most likely go in our main bathroom. I’ve been collecting things for it’s transformation for a while and I’m still working on that process. Honestly, I had thought we’d remodel it before we remodeled the kitchen. The kitchen was such a huge project and still, we like so many things in there but until the weather is warmer, it’s on hold. That’s why I’m looking ahead to the bathroom and doing indoor projects while I am captive in this super cold weather.

When we do get around to that bathroom renovation, it really won’t be too bad. I think it will be a mini-renovation, actually. Later on, I’d like to change out the cabinetry in there, but for now, I think a good sanding and painting of the them will make a world of difference. The floor covering needs replacing for sure and so does the mirror over the sink. It’s a huge mirror that’s the length of the room! Totally a non-updated 70s house, for sure. Or, at least it was before it came to be our home.  I can’t wait to document all the progress right here for you to see.  🙂


One thought on “New Project

  1. missknits says:

    what fun! i love it when you can find little treasures like that at sales! i’ve done many projects that way before too – just a good sanding and painting and maybe hardware and you’d never know you bought it at a garage sale! cant wait to see how it all turns out!


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