Under the Cherry Blossoms

When I look through magazines, I make such a mess of them. (Unless they are some of my favorites – those stay intact.) I tend to pull out anything that catches my eye. Anything I want to try to make, paint, or just in general, inspires me.

One such piece was the mural of a cherry blossom tree. The tree was inspirational because there were no leaves to it, just the blossoms. They really stood out to me and I thought they were just so sweet.  Yesterday, I finished my piece. Though it’s not the same as the magazine mural inspiration (and I would never want it to be), it still has that sweet and simple feeling. Here it is:


It is a 12×12 acrylics painting on canvas board and I have it listed on ebay.  Click here to go to the listing.

It’s so strange. When I put it on the countertop in the kitchen, I immediately loved the way the cool blues looked against the white wall. The tree just seemed to come alive and I’ve never been more pleased with one of my paintings. With my red accents that are planned for that room, the painting really won’t work. Honestly, I considered changing it up when I saw the painting in the room, though. I hope the new owner of this piece has the same experience. I mean, as much as I am into that painting, I might as well be sitting there underneath it!!


One thought on “Under the Cherry Blossoms

  1. missknits says:

    i love it!!! i so love the feel of cherry blossom trees too! i just bought several pillows with that theme, as well as my new wall decals! they are very zen/peaceful to me! you did a beautiful job!!


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