Kitchen Accent Piece

There is no secret that I am “into” painting owls these days, for some reason. I love them. I love their booksmart, studious appearances. I love that they say so little, yet make such an impact. And, I love the many different qualities and characteristics I can give them.

Today, I finished a little side project for our constantly-in-progress kitchen remodel. (See this post for an idea of the area shown below in reference to our entire kitchen.) Since I finally decided that I want this kitchen to be all white with touches of red, I have been able to start thinking of small decorative touches for the room. This is one of those that has finally come to be: a white owl on a red toned background with tiny red hearts on the wings, a heart dangling from the tree and a sweet pink butterfly flying by to say hello…


and a close-up:


It fits perfectly in the open shelf nook that we have in our kitchen.


I will be selling a very limited edition of prints of this artwork in my etsy shop. Grab one while you can!!


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