Nail Polish Disaster! Major Panic!

So, today, I decided I wanted to do something to pamper myself just a little. Thinking of different things I could do, I ended up going with painting my toenails a nice cheery pinky-orange coral. It makes me think of flowers and blooms and spring so it was perfect for these winter months and the rainy day blahs we’ve had around here lately.

Sitting on the edge of our bed, I began my fun task and after the 3rd toe and as my luck would have it, I knocked the bottle of polish over! I juggled it, trying to catch it, making the biggest mess ever. It was on the wall, the baseboard and most horribly…on the carpet – in 3 different places!! I can safely say I have never done that before and can definitely say that I hope I never do it again.

With lots of research, I have learned that non acetone polish remover may work. Also, windex, shaving gel, and even WD-40. So far, I’ve only used windex and it worked pretty well. If I wasn’t in such a frenzied state when it happened, I would have taken a picture so you could see what it looked like before the windex. I was in complete and utter shock and almost in tears! At least this is looking better, if you can imagine about 3/4 of a full-size nail polish bottle emptying onto your carpet.

Carpet After An Hour of Scrubbing with Windex and Paper Towels:


I’ll keep you posted on my progress with the removal of this stuff. (If any of you have a tried and true method, please do share! :D)  So at least you know what to do/what not to do if it happens to you. **Hopefully it WON’T happen to you, though!!**

The good news? My toes look pretty, despite the mess…


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