A Place for Sketch Pads

I received so many wonderful gifts this past Christmas. There was a basket I had marked for my wish list that I opened up this holiday season. Originally, I had planned on using it in our newly remodeled kitchen, but when I opened it, I was blown away by the size of it! While the dimensions were listed on the site, I guess they didn’t register with me which is odd because I’m normally the kind of girl who grabs a tape measure to check things out proper-like! 

Turns out, this sweet little basket is perfect for hanging on a door knob and it will hold my large sketch pads and watercolor papers just dandy!  Just click here to visit the item via the Mothology webpage.


I actually found this little gem on a really sweet lady’s blog that I regularly read called “The Cottage Nest“. Thanks Jen! I fell in love with the weave on it and just had to have it! And…I love it!


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