Sachets and Dreams


The new year has such a big meaning to me. I’m a dreamer…which may be a requirement to be an artist. I’ll never grow up completely. I’m always thinking of adventures. Even for all the things I sell. I like to get so involved with those things and think of what they might mean to someone…or how it might brighten someone’s day to have something I created.


One of my favorite thoughts occurs with my sachet pillows (and this occurs with each and every sachet I make) and it is that I like to think of someone opening a lingerie drawer and seeing a little sachet that I made and it making them feel special. Imagine it making them a little happier right before they leave for a date or for work…or for grocery shopping!  Those little sachets are so feminine and such a special little gift we can give ourselves. How lovely is that?


I always take pride in the construction and color choices and I do so hope it shows. Because when it goes out from my home to yours, I want it to be oh-so-perfect. That’s exactly how I feel about each and every little thing I do.


Right now, I just feel so happy when I think about my little etsy shop and all the wonderfully sweet friends I have made there! Thank you all so much. I am so truly honored to be a part of your homes…and your lives! 😀


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