Scott Baio

You know how when you were little, you had this guy (or guys!) who you absolutely idolized? They were the ones who made you dream of being that “one selected to go on a date” courtesy of the latest Tiger Beat or 16 magazine? Well, in the 80s, I was really puppy lovin’ Scott Baio. Remember him? From Happy Days, Joanie Loves Chachi and Charles in Charge?

When I was in my early teens, I had posters EVERYWHERE in my room of him. I had clipped all kinds of photos of him and put them all around the perimeter of my dresser mirror. I had have his cassette tape…did you even know he released one? 😀

Anyway, each year  I usually do some fun gag gifts for different members of our family. This year, we did a couple small things, nothing too big. But, let me tell you…my brother and his girlfriend really did something so embarrassing to me, which leads back to Scott Baio…

Once when I was around 12 or 13, I was adding the photos around my mirror of my dresser. I sat back on my bed to admire my work and one of them was a little crooked. So, I went over to reattach it and then went backwards to my bed to sit back down. And, I missed the bed. No one saw it. No one knew of my silly fall. No one ever had to know. What did I do though? I told Mama and it became this huge joke which is still talked about upon occasion to this day. She dubbed it “I’m falling for you Scott” the moment I confided in her what I’d done!! I’ve never lived it down!! Ron and his girlfriend discovered this and created this in honor of my teen idol, puppy love, girlie days:



When we finished Christmas breakfast this morning and I walked into my parents’ living room, there it was. I took these pictures from my home tonight, so the lighting isn’t great. You can click on the 2nd picture to see it larger, if you want. My face was BEET RED!! I was so incredibly embarrassed, but they went through so much trouble, I felt it was worthy to tell all of you so you could laugh at me…or admit that you, too, were into the teen idols and tell me who, please!!

By the way…you should know…this thing is as large as a big screen tv…not a small creation by any means! AND that’s not all. I also received a Chachi action figure/doll AND a Scott Baio t-shirt….

LOL! Merry Christmas Everyone!!


2 thoughts on “Scott Baio

  1. LV's Beads n Things says:

    How funny it is now as we look back and reflect at our teen silliness! Of course we all had our teen idols. I still have my idols to this day. Little Joe Cartwright was my teen heart throb, today it is Kevin Cosner and Nicolas Cage and Sam Elliot still makes my heart swoon. The perfect man would be a combination of all three! Ah, to dream. 😉

    Thanks for sharing that little story! I thought it was really cute!


  2. Mel says:

    Awww!!! What a funny but thoughtful gesture!! While it’s embarrassing when people choose to remember things like THAT, it’s also nice that we all have special people in our lives that DO remember these moments in our lives. 🙂


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