New Painting

Things are getting busier and busier as Christmas approaches. More things are marked off my to-do list and then twice as many are added as I think of things I need to want to do.

I did have time for a little painting of a new Tree series I’m working on. Here’s my latest, called “Tree of Life” (thanks Kim!) :


I was lying in bed one night just kind of drawing anything that came to me and I did several trees, which will eventually make a series. Then, the next day, I was sitting out in my Jeep waiting on my hubby. Seeing some trees just off the parking lot, I grabbed an ACEO card and started drawing. Some time later, the finished product is here! I’ll be listing it on etsy this evening a little later. Hope you enjoy!!

And, Happy Weekend, this the last one before Christmas! Hope you are ready or almost ready,  at least!!


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