A Penny Saved…

I’m trying to work overtime to get some new listings up so I may have tons of my new goodies on my blog for the next few days. I like putting things on here for several reasons:

  • getting comments from my super sweet online friends
  • remembering when I created something and having it all in the same place
  • showing things thatwill bring people to my listings
  • allowing people who like things I make to see them here instead of going to any of the online venues I have

Hope that makes sense. I love this blog and my readers – thank you all so much!!

Here’s my latest listing:



You can bid on  her here on ebay.  She’s a sweet little pink piggy bank that I have hand painted shabby/cottage chic roses all over. How adorable is she? I can just see her given to a little girl this holiday season, maybe with a little money inside to get her started. I think that would be soooo cute!

Happy Shopping!


2 thoughts on “A Penny Saved…

  1. Peggy Collins says:

    Hi Cozy,
    Peg here from TheBeadStation.Etsy. I thought I would pop in and leave a message about this cutsie little pig. I love your painted roses. I took a little class on painting the Donna Dewberry type of roses, but havn’t pulled out my paint and brushes for over two years. I should try it again. It was such fun. I have been sooo busy with my lampwork beads, playing my harp, and all the gazillion other things I am interested in that painting got put on the back burner.

    I am going to click to follow your blog.



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