Out With the Old…


Goodbye 2008.  HELLO 2009!!

Happy New Year!!!!!!


Some Kind of Busy!

I’ve been on a roll creating lately. Now that the holidays are behind us, I’m able to concentrate on new items and fun projects. Mind you, I LOVE the holidays, they just take so much concentration that I have little room for creating. 😀

Here’s some of my new listings…

Rooster ACEO Painting – click here to see it on ebay auction:


Here’s a Shabby/Cottage/Chic/Victorian outlet cover also currently available on ebay auction (click here to go to the auction):

Another ACEO painting on ebay auction of 2 owls in a hot air balloon (click here to go to it):

A sweet little heart sachet with lavender and some lovely embellishments in my etsy shop (click here to go straight to the pillow on etsy):

And some sweet little tags of crinoline slips also in my etsy shop (click here to go straight there):

And, that’s not all – there’s a few other things listed, but those are just a nice little variety of goodies. Enjoy!!

Wishes and Resolutions for 2009


As the new year approaches, I start thinking about all I would like for it to hold for me. Everything I want it to be. Everything I hope for.  Some goals for me in 2009:

  • Continue to improve my health
  • Spend more time with family
  • Continue growing my cottage industry business
  • Make “The Cozy Loft” my full-time job
  • Continue working on our home remodeling
  • Finish my studio for the ultimate creative haven
  • Be happy with myself

That’s not too bad of a list. It can be done, right? What are your wishes and resolutions for the new year?

I know that I am really looking forward to bringing in 2009. I absolutely cannot wait to get rid of this cobweb-filled 2008 🙂

P.S. The photo above is one I took while we were on vacation in Gatlinburg. There were some of the prettiest roses there that I had ever seen!

Uncle Harold

So many friends and family read my little blog that I really just talk about almost anything that’s going on in my life. While I try to keep my posts mostly positive, I feel it’s only fitting to tell you about things when times are hard, too.

My Uncle Harold passed away last Sunday, December 21st. Because of Christmas and his family living all over the US, the funeral wasn’t held until yesterday. He was 83 years old.

Daddy is one of 11 children. My grandparents, H.E. and Lucille, had 11 children. Can you imagine? WOW! My paternal aunts and uncles (in chronological order) are Harold, Juanita, John, Jo, Allene, Gerald, Larry, Bobby, Billy, Charles and Ronald (Ronald’s my daddy, thus my name). My Granddaddy passed away in 1979 and my Grandmother passed away in 2004 (she was 96 years old). My Aunt Jo passed away in 2005. Now, my Uncle Harold in 2008.

My family is huge and I’m so thankful for that. Almost all of them live within a few miles of each other here in Tennessee. I am so very proud of my family and each time we lose someone, it really breaks my heart. Each of these people are such wonderful, strong, compassionate people and I am so very proud to be a part of it.

With lots of love and many blessings to my family during this difficult time,


Black White Beautiful

I am up to it again!! My treasury is on the front page of etsy and I couldn’t be more thrilled!! Here’s a shot of it:


I realize this may be too small to tell much about it, but it’s also on my flickr. You can see it better by clicking here.

I’m so excited about it!! YAY! Happy Friday!!