My Day Today…

Sometimes someone you THINK is a friend really ends up not being a friend at all. And, it breaks your heart.


3 thoughts on “My Day Today…

  1. LV's Beads n Things says:

    (((Cozy!))) Unfortunately I think that has happened to all of us, and you are right! It does break your heart! I too am so sorry that this happened to you….. but, like I told you, when one door closes another opens. It means good things are in store for you. 🙂


  2. Patricia Molnar says:

    Oh (((Cozy))) I can not imagine anyone hurting such a wonderful giving person as you!
    This has happened to me – a friends of 24 years. When I moved up here and sold the house in Florida – she got mad that I moved away first and said that I had become lazy and how could I sell the house when she loved using it. She said there was no reason for us to continue being friends or contacting each other. It came out of the blue – they have far more money and moved in other circles then we did – but our kids grow up to gather and we did everything together. We told each other everything – if I had want to get back at her – I just would have had to tell her husband and kids things she had done and said about them. But – that is not me – I would not be who I am if not for her – and she helped me so much – it hurt so bad to loss her – part of my heart will never be the same.
    I wish I had the poem about how God puts people in our lives for different reasons and different lengths of time. It helped me greatly. Also I know that God put her in my life to be a teacher and I did learn a lot – but also hurt a lot.
    Blessings to you and there are so many of us that are thankful that you thing of us as friends because we love you very much gentle sweet lady!


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