Very Disappointing News

First thing this morning, I read some very disturbing news. My very favorite magazine – the one I look forward to getting every month with so much anticipation, the one who puts out special publications available only on the newstand that I anxiously go from store to store to find, the one I get my very best ideas from, and the one that inspires our home – is coming to an end. Not only this, but even the website ( will be shutting down. There are so many wonderful things about that site. You can talk to others who own cottages and get wonderful decorating tips and ideas, as well as view a library of photos of cottages. So inspiring and such a happy place to be.

This is very sad to me. The November/December issue out right now is the last one according to the horrible news I read.

Farewell my sweet Cottage Living magazine. I am probably silly to think that maybe it won’t happen. Maybe these news stories are incorrect. Just maybe…



2 thoughts on “Very Disappointing News

  1. Mel says:

    I am so sorry to hear of such sad news!! I would be so disappointed as well if my idea mags came to an end. Here’s to finding a new great idea mag, my sweet friend!!


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