Progress On Our To-Do List

Remember when I posted our to-do list for our kitchen remodel here?

Here’s a copy and paste of it, with lines through the completed items!! YAY!! Here goes:

  1. Paint the Exterior door on the interior side.
  2. Install a Security door.
  3. Caulk all trim.
  4. Install Wood Blinds on the exterior door to match the window.
  5. Locate and/or make window treatments for two windows.
  6. Finish trimming out microwave cubby.
  7. Install vapor barrier above the dishwasher.
  8. Install new flooring for the kitchen/laundry room areas.
  9. Install baseboards.
  10. Install quarter round.
  11. Install backsplash.
  12. Build out last pantry shelf to be even with the door.
  13. Add a magnetic closure to the pantry door.
  14. Trim out open cabinetry.
  15. The fun part….accessorize!!

I can **almost** mark off a big one – install backsplash – I just have to grout it and it’s finished. WOW!! I can’t believe some of the final things are done 🙂

I wanted to show you a couple new pictures of our kitchen, still in progress. This is the area over the stove facing into our living room with the open shelving we created (some of my little Thanksgiving decorations can be seen in this one):


and here’s another of the area between the sink and the microwave cubby:


It’s slow progress, but definite progress, which is WONDERFUL!! I am so thrilled with how functional it is when it was so frustrating to **attempt** to cook in that kitchen before. Ahhhhhh….what a difference!


One thought on “Progress On Our To-Do List

  1. Mel says:

    It’s so great to really see how far the kitchen has come. What a wonderful treat for both you & Charles, as well as all of us, that you have documented your progress through photos and notes so that it can be seen where you started and what the end is. 🙂


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