My Birthday

Thank you all for making my birthday so very special!! The warm wishes, the wonderful compliments!! I tell you – you sure do know how to make a girl feel good…and you know how to make her forget that her age is on the steady incline!!!

Using the random number generator to choose a number, it chose the winner of my blog birthday contest!! And the winner is:

lv’s beads n things

Here’s a copy/paste of the winning number generated:

Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:


Timestamp: 2008-11-10 23:08:27 UTC


I just had to share one of the gifts I received for my birthday. A while back, I had this little fellow on my wish list and was soooooo excited to see him in person today!! How adorable is this:

He is positively the cutest thing and is going in my new studio when I have it up and going. To see another one like him and maybe snag something adorable for yourself, check out this most adorable shop on etsy called fioretta.

The stitches on this little owl are perfection, as are her color choices and the overall design. I just love him!! Hats off to the lovely lady who created this little guy and thank you for being able to part with him!!



3 thoughts on “My Birthday

  1. Mel says:

    I can’t believe I missed your birthday!! I feel terrible!!!! While I know that it is INCREDIBLY belated, I hope that you had a wonderfully delightful birthday!! 🙂


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